aXes licenses

aXes offers a free trial license and paid licences

How to obtain aXes licenses

Contact us so that we can help you determine license arrangements that fit your requirements.

aXes free trial

aXes offers a free, full function copy of the software under a trial license. Download the aXes trial software.

The trial license is valid for a set period, typically 30-60 days and all aXes features are available.

To obtain licenses after the expiry of the trial license or request an extension of the trial license. contact us through this form.

Purchasing aXes

You need to license the aXes software after the expiry of the trial period.

Licenses for aXes Server terminal emulation components and aXes Spooled File Manager can be purchased separately. From V4.1.0 onwards, an aXes Data Explorer licence is included in the aXes Server terminal emulation license.

Licenses are based on a number of user sessions.

Contact us to obtain licenses.

aXes Mobile app

The aXes Mobile app is free and available from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Question Answer
If I have aXes Server licenses do I need a license to use the aXes Mobile app? No.
Do I need a license to use the aXes Mobile app during the trial period? No.
Do I need a license to use the aXes Mobile app after the trial period expires? No.
However, you will need to license aXes Server after the trial period.
Are aXes Server user sessions shared between desktop/laptop and mobile devices? Yes
A 10 user license can be shared between desktop/laptop and mobile devices in any combination up to ten user sessions. Session sharing is dynamic and there is no requirement to allocate a fixed number of licenses to either desktop/laptop or mobile devices.

Using LongRange with aXes

If you have installed and licensed aXes and wish to use LongRange you must license the LongRange Module separately from the aXes licenses. See Requesting a free 60-day license to trial the LongRange module.