Application mobilization solution for IBM i

Run IBM i applications on mobile devices

Using the aXes Mobile app, applications running on an IBM i server can deliver business information and transactions direct to mobile devices such as Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Put 5250 applications in the hands of mobile users

Adding the capability for a 5250 application to display information on, and receive information from mobile devices expands the application’s data gathering capabilities by scanning barcodes, obtaining location co-ordinates, taking photos or videos, and/or storing data in a local database. This allows applications to capture multiple types of data, simplify the data capture process and improve data quality.

Download the free aXes Mobile app from an app store (Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices) and install it on your mobile device. It requires the aXes server software installed on your IBM i.

Mobilize existing IBM i applications

Instantly use IBM i applications on mobile devices using the aXes Mobile app
  • Web-enabled terminal emulation straight to the mobile device.
  • Applications have a modern user interface automatically handled by aXes.
  • No source code to change and nothing to recompile.
  • 5250 screens for which you do not have source code (e.g. operating system screens and purchased packages) work immediately and without change.

Access to the IBM i from anywhere at anytime

Use applications or administer your server remotely

Access your existing applications, start/stop jobs, read spooled file output, and query databases – all from your mobile device.

Enhance IBM i applications with mobile device features

Interact with the camera, geo-location and microphone etc.

Mobilizing IBM i applications expands their capabilities beyond the information displayable on a screen. With access to mobile device features including the camera, geo-location services, IBM i programs can capture, manage and display not only screens but also photos, documents, maps, and mobile device geo-location information.

How can the aXes Mobile app enhance applications?

With the mobile app you can add new functionality
  • Photo and video capture and annotation
  • Capture voice recordings
  • Scan bar codes using the camera
  • Send/receive email
  • Send/receive SMS
  • Upload/Download files to IBM i IFS, Linux and Windows
  • Print spooled files directly to a printer linked to a mobile device using Apple Airplay or Google Cloud Print
  • Use a SQL database on a mobile device to store data for online and/or offline use
  • Read and write data to the device’s local file system

aXes Mobile app features

  • Enhanced function keys including the Enter key
  • Customizable menus
  • Copy to clipboard with intelligent formatting
  • PDF integration
  • Print to a printer accessible from a mobile device
  • Work with documents residing in server file systems (IBM i IFS, Linux, Windows)
  • Access multiple IBM i servers concurrently

Try before you buy! Evaluate the full version of aXes.