Take the work out of managing IBM i spool files

Access spooled files from anywhere using a browser

Manage IBM i (System i, iSeries or AS/400) spool files and output queues in a web browser. View, print, download and delete reports from a computer or tablet device using a browser.

Work with IBM i output queues and spool files from a browser

aXes provides full control of output queues and spool files with all the functionality of the IBM queue and spool commands including commands like hold and release.

Point-and-click web user interface simplifies spool file management

Output queues and spool files are displayed as lists in a web page simplifying the selection and viewing of reports. A few mouse clicks will accomplish most tasks and you don’t need to know the IBM i queue and spool commands.

Create and save searches for output queues and spool files

You can search for output queues or spool files by creating filters. For example, search for output queues by queue name and library and search for spool files using combinations of search criteria such as user, job, output queue, date range etc. Filters speed up finding what you are looking for by reducing the list of queues or spool files.

Saving filters makes it quicker and easier to rerun frequently used filters as you do not have to define the search criteria every time.

Convert spool files to PDF, HTML and text

aXes can convert spool files to PDF, HTML and text giving you more choice on how to use the spool file information. For example, converting a spool file to PDF is a convenient way to send it as an attachment to an email.

Download spool files and incorporate in applications like Excel and Word

Spool files can be downloaded and used in applications like Microsoft Excel and Word or email. The download option offers an easy way to distribute information from your 5250 applications.

Advanced printing features

aXes supports AFP, IPDS and Enhanced SCS, enabling you to work with spool files that include barcodes, background images and logos.

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