Create a modern UI for 5250 applications

Customize and redesign screens using the aXes development studio

Take the design and layout of your application screens to the next level of user interface modernization – without changing a line of the underlying source code.

Improve the UI and streamline your business processes

Using the aXes development studio, each IBM i, (System i, iSeries or AS/400) 5250 screen panel can be converted into a modern web user interface. aXes allows you to enhance the appearance of the application and streamline your business processes – adding real value to your applications.

Improve user productivity

A well researched redesign of the user interface produces fewer keystrokes with intuitive navigation that improves workflow. The enhanced user experience enables users to perform day-to-day tasks faster and more effectively – delivering increased business benefits to your organisation.

Extend aXes default UI

Hide, enhance and alter screen content

You can further customize the aXes screens by adding familiar user interface controls:

  • Add push buttons and script what happens when they are clicked
  • Style screen elements by their role
  • Alter the position of fields on the screen
  • Use tool tips (hints) as a substitute for long labels
  • Present a field as a checkbox
  • Display a date field, edit it in various ways and add a calendar pop-up
  • Create a set of radio buttons
  • Insert bars, stripes, colors and gradients to enhance the appearance of subfiles
  • Call RPG and COBOL programs from scripts, allowing you to expand the features available to users without changing the application itself

Enhance 5250 applications to run across multiple channels

You can turn RPG or COBOL applications into web applications that run on Apple, Linux or Windows platforms. The applications support multiple browsers and run on a wide variety of devices, including desktop computers and mobile devices, such as the iPhone and Android phones.

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