Integrate 5250 applications with web and line-of-business applications

Host integration services that operate RPG and COBOL applications programmatically

aXes includes an application programming interface (API) that developers can use to write programs that automatically operate applications written with RPG or COBOL.

Automate exchanging data with 5250 applications using host integration services

Applications can use aXes to simulate the actions of a person entering data on screens in a 5250 application. This feature makes it possible to integrate existing 5250 applications with .NET, Java or other 5250 applications without changing the source code of your 5250 applications.

aXes caters for a wide range of automation options with versions of the API for .NET for Windows, Java for IBM i and Windows, and RPG for IBM i. The .NET version is written in managed code, the Java version is written in Java SE and the RPG version is a wrapper around the Java API.

Integrate existing 5250 applications with new applications

The aXes host integration interface allows new applications to use 5250 applications to retrieve data and/or update data. Companies retain the functionality of their 5250 applications while serving the data needs of new applications.

Use aXes to automate data entry tasks

aXes removes the need for data entry operators to print data from files and then re-key the data into a 5250 application.

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