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System Requirements

Before downloading, please ensure you have the prerequisite hardware and software.

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aXes Product Suite 140MB
Name: axinspkg.savf
Size: 276579072 bytes (263 MiB)
aXes Automatic Product Suite Installation Guide Automatic installation and upgrade instructions (Recommended)
aXes Custom Product Suite Installation Guide Available on request.


aXes has a pre-requisite of a7.1

New aXes versions require new license keys
Licence keys from any previous versions are not compatible with new aXes versions. If you are a current aXes customer, be aware that a new version of aXes will operate for 60 days without a new licence code. A new license code must be requested and installed for the new version to operate after this time. For example, if you are using version 2.X, you can install or upgrade to version 3.X and it will be operational for 60 days. To continue using 3.X after this period, you must request and install a new 3.X license code.

aXes Mobile app

  • The aXes Mobile app is free and available from the Google Play store or Apple App Store
  • View the aXes Mobile training videos on the User Forum

aXes is already installed and you want to use the LongRange module

  1. Check which version of aXes is installed, LongRange requires aXes 3.1.0 or later.
  2. Download the LongRange Server Upgrade Package
  3. Refer to “Installing or Upgrading the LongRange Product” in the aXes Product Suite Installation Guide (available on request).
  4. Request a free 60-day license to trial the LongRange module