Empower your workforce to access 5250 applications anywhere

Transform screens into a modern web UI without changing a line of code

Web-enable your 5250 applications on-the-fly

Access your 5250 applications securely via a web browser

Transform existing 5250 screens into web pages out-of-the-box, without changing source code. Optionally, change the default modernization rules to suit your requirements and apply the changes automatically across all screens in an application.

Customize your new web application

Take complete control of how you want your new web application to look and how many new business features you want to add

Enhance applications with a host of web user interface controls, and add value with new business processes – optimizing workflows and decreasing user training times.

Run your new web application on any mobile device

Access your 5250 applications securely via a web browser

Gain access to mobile features like geolocation, video, barcodes and more.
Build brand new applications or add mobile functionality to existing IBM i applications to use on any mobile, tablet or smartphone.

Access your IBM i databases via a browser

Query DB2 databases

Use the aXes DB2 query tool to build and run queries against IBM i (System i, iSeries or AS/400) DB2 databases from a browser. You can query DB2 tables, print the query results and/or copy the results into applications like Microsoft Excel.

Access IBM i spooled files via a browser

View, print, download and delete reports from your computer or tablet device.

Provide point-and-click access to output queues and spool files, with print-ready documents available in PDF, HTML, and text formats.

Operate 5250 applications programmatically

Simulate the actions of a person entering data on screens in a 5250 application.

Write applications that automatically operate online 5250 screen-based RPG and COBOL applications in batch. Integrate existing 5250 applications with .NET, Java or other 5250 applications.

aXes Features

Web enable IBM i 5250 applications automatically
  • From 5250 to web automatically
  • Automatic screen transformation
  • Change the default modernization rules
  • No source code changes required. Works without the application source code.
  • Support mobile devices
  • Secure your applications and protect data. HTTP over TSL/SSL (HTTPS) protocol for data encry
  • Zero deployment. Nothing to install on the client device
Extend aXes default UI
  • Add push buttons and script what happens when they are clicked
  • Style screen elements by their role
  • Alter the position of fields on the screen
  • Use tool tips (hints) as a substitute for long labels
  • Present a field as a checkbox
  • Display a date field, edit it in various ways and add a calendar pop-up
  • Create a set of radio buttons
  • Insert bars, stripes, colors and gradients to enhance the appearance of subfiles
  • Call RPG and COBOL programs from scripts, allowing you to expand the features available to
Application mobilization solution for IBM i

  • Photo and video capture and annotation
  • Capture voice recordings
  • Scan bar codes using the camera
  • Send/receive email
  • Send/receive SMS
  • Upload/Download files to IBM i IFS, Linux and Windows
  • Print spooled files directly to a printer linked to a mobile device using Apple Airplay or Google
  • Use a SQL database on a mobile device to store data for online and/or offline use
  • Read and write data to the device’s local file system
  • Enhanced function keys including the Enter key
  • Customizable menus
  • Copy to clipboard with intelligent formatting
  • PDF integration
  • Print to a printer accessible from a mobile device
  • Work with documents residing in server file systems (IBM i IFS, Linux, Windows)
  • Access multiple IBM i servers concurrently
Access your IBM i databases via a browser to query DB2 database
  • Create and run queries from a browser
  • Save queries
  • View query results on the Web
  • Incorporate query results in applications like Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Access query results from anywhere.
  • Zero deployment – nothing to download or install on the client computer or device
  • Supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari
Spooled File Manager
  • Work with IBM i output queues and spool files from a browser
  • Point-and-click Web user interface simplifies spool file management
  • Create and save searches for output queues and spooled files
  • Convert spool files to PDF, HTML and text
  • Download spool files and incorporate into applications like Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Advanced printing features
  • Zero deployment – nothing to download or install on the client computer or device

Benefits of aXes

aXes automatically Web-enables, customizes and simplifies
the deploy of your 5250 applications without changing a single line of code.

Improve user productivity

Make end-users more productive and efficient with applications that are easy to learn and use

Secure Zero-deployment

Nothing to install in the client device. Transformation occurs on the IBM i server and there’s nothing to install on any user’s PC or mobile device.

Lower employee training time and costs

Eliminate the perception of outdated applications that employees may have. Increase application adoption, reducing application training time and costs.

Protect your IBM i investments

Maintain competitive advantages of your customized solutions and extend the value of your applications to the modern workforce

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