aXes transforms RPG and COBOL 5250 programs into Rich Internet Applications accessible via multiple Web Browsers on multiple devices (including mobiles) — without having to change a single line of code.

You don’t have to leave RPG or COBOL for your 5250 green screen applications to automatically become modern Web browser-based applications. You write the business logic and layout the screen. aXes does the rest by turning your 5250 data stream into a modern, rich Internet user interface.

aXes runs in a standard Web browser without requiring installation of any software or ActiveX controls on the client device.

The aXes Product Suite

Automatically deploy 5250 applications in a browser

Transform 5250 screens into Web pages on-the-fly right on your existing server. Access your 5250 applications securely via the Web from a browser.

Modernise the user interface of 5250 applications

Enhance applications with a host of standard Windows User Interface constructs – minimizing workflows and decreasing user training times.

Build applications for mobile devices using RPG

Build brand new applications or add mobile functionality to existing IBM i applications that use smart phone and tablet features including sensors, camera, microphone, barcode scanning, a local database and file system.

Deploy applications in the cloud

Provide browser access to all your 5250 applications without having to install any new software on existing IBM i servers.

Query DB2 databases

Easily extract and publish DB2/400 data in a browser or send query output to desktop applications like Microsoft Word and Excel.

Manage spooled files

Provide point-and-click access to output queues and spool files, with print-ready documents available in PDF, HTML, and text formats.

Operate 5250 applications programmatically

Write applications that automatically operate online 5250 screen-based RPG and COBOL applications in batch. Integrate existing 5250 applications with .NET, Java or other 5250 applications.
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