Green's winds back ERP modifications

Green's General Foods, based in Australia, produces and distributes food products, such as baking and pancake mixes, crackers, cereals and popcorn. Using a combination of aXes Robot and LANSA Composer (a business process integration solution), Green's found a way to wind back over 150 RPG-developed BPCS ERP modifications without losing any custom functionality. The rules and validations are defined in LANSA Composer, while the data-entry gaps are filled with aXes-Robot.

It took one business analyst only two-and-a-half months to replace the 150+ BPCS program modifications, allowing Green’s to get back to the standard version. Green's evaluated several other middleware/BPM products and estimates that the cost of implementation would have been at least double as compared to the solution implemented with the aXes Robot and Composer. Read more at:

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