Automatic Web enablement for IBM i 5250 applications

Transform your 5250 applications into GUI browser-based applications automatically – without changing any lines of your source code. Work with IBM i, System i, iSeries and AS/400 5250 applications securely and efficiently from browser-based devices running across the Internet, inside your corporate Intranet or on a mobile network.

You can download and install aXes and have your green-screen applications running on the Internet in a few hours, not weeks or months. Your staff and business partners can then securely access your IBM i 5250 applications from anywhere in the world.

From 5250 to Web... on-the-fly

aXes converts 5250 screens into Web pages on-the-fly, without change to the 5250 applications.

aXes rich feature list includes:

  • Automated screen transformation – from 5250 to a GUI Web page
  • Zero deployment - nothing to download or install on the client PC
  • No source code changes
  • Modernise your 5250 applications with a Web GUI
  • Applications accessible from anywhere
  • Zero server access problems
  • Control access and protect your applications
  • Enhance the applications with existing skills and tools
  • Eliminate maintenance and software support
  • Customise the generated Web pages with aXes eXtensions to enrich the user experience

Automated screen transformation – from 5250 to a GUI Web page

aXes provides Web enablement of your 5250 applications by automatically transforming the 5250 data stream into HTML and XML that the Web browser uses to dynamically build a GUI.

Zero deployment – nothing to download or install on the client PC

The transformation is done on the IBM i (System i, iSeries or AS/400) server. There’s nothing to install on any user's PC. That’s right – there are no Windows applications, no ActiveX controls and no applets to install on the client PC. It’s true zero deployment.

No source code changes

aXes uses the screens generated by the 5250 application, supports advanced 5250 display features (for example the HTML keyword) and does not need the application source code.

aXes works with applications you have developed as well as packaged applications where you do not have the source code.

Modernize your 5250 applications with a Web GUI

aXes provides a way to modernise your applications and extend the reach of these applications beyond 5250 emulation. Transforming a screen into a Web page allows anyone with a browser to access the application in the now familiar way that most users interact with Web pages.

Applications accessible from anywhere

Your customers and partners can access your applications securely over the Internet. Your staff can access their favourite applications from outside the office – they use the exactly the same interface whether they are in the office or on the road – regardless of whether they are using a PC, a laptop, a smart phone, or an iPad/tablet device.

Zero server access problems

aXes only uses the HTTP ports on your IBM i server. You do not need to expose your organization to the risks that Telnet-based 5250 access may carry.

Control access and protect the applications

aXes uses the HTTP over TSL/SSL (HTTPS) protocol for data encryption to ensure that all aXes sessions are secure. Users are able to work in a safe and protected environment while utilizing any IP network (public or private) without concerns about the security of your applications and data.

Enhance the applications with existing skills and tools

Developers can enhance the applications using RPG (or COBOL) development tools - no need for your developers to become experts in HTML and JavaScript. They can change the content and layout of the screens and aXes will incorporate these changes without any additional programming. In this way aXes is not intrusive to either your applications or development methods and processes.

Eliminate maintenance and software support

Using a browser, users simply access a URL – eliminating the need to install software and user configurations on individual PCs. When a new version of aXes is released, only the central server needs to be updated. No matter where your users are located, they automatically get the latest release benefits the next time they access the applications.

Customise the Web pages to enrich the user experience

You can customise each generated Web page by using the aXes eXtensions.

Read more in-depth information about aXes

Want to take your legacy application modernization further?

Take a look at RAMP from LANSA.

With aXes you can Web-enable your application automatically and then progressively renovate appropriate parts of the application’s user interface. This modernization method is most suitable for situations where you need to be "on the Web" quickly and where you can then take time to extend and enhance the application’s "look and feel."

But what if you want to go further and address both your immediate tactical needs and your longer term strategic modernization requirements?

A legacy application modernized using RAMP from LANSA will be contained in an application framework and deliver a graphical user interface for simplified navigation over the existing functionality. You can then extend your application by delivering high-priority enhancements and, gradually, reengineer part or all of the application. RAMP also lets you rapidly consolidate multiple legacy applications into the one application framework and replace your existing programs with new components in a timeframe that makes sense to your organization. This modernization method is advantageous for a staged approach to a complete application replacement or partial legacy application modernization.

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